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Walking is impossible Part of the chivalry thing mentioned above is the expectation that whenever you are walking somewhere together she should have her arm looped through yours. Down narrow and crowded streets this makes progress painfully slow. This is also kind of sweet and nice, but it can make it hard to concentrate on the body count. She has a mother… …who regards you with more than a hint of suspicion.

In other words, they are remarkably well informed. You have two choices; get your act together and behave like a decent human being or avoid the mother like the plague. However, the effect does seem to be particularly pronounced among Polish women, who claim to eat almost nothing. Exactly where you put your hands while you are doing this is a issue I have yet to resolve successfully.

Polish women

Chances are that your Polish girlfriend not only speaks English, German, and Russian how many languages do you speak but also has a pretty good grasp of a lot of things that you slept through at school. If you enjoyed this post why not visit my personal blog Wyspianski Unwinding Or click on my Island1 on the left to see all my other posts on Polandian. But ok, my name is Magda, my mother first wanted to name me Kasia, but second name is Halina.

I read few times that is something foreign women appreciate in Polish man. Is it really so important how many bodies where there? And only Polish women do it? Mothers are strange even if you are Polish, even if you are a girlfriend, there is always some kind of problem ; 7. Eating a little from my boyfriends plate — of course.

Eating only a salad — no way. It depends on a woman. You can try to put your arms on her shoulders, maybe that will work? Have a look at this post from a British woman living in Poland soon to join us on this site on the subject of Polish chivalry:. After some observations of a few Polish wives near me: I guess they want to confuse me by not being Kasias. The least-expected flower is best-timed.

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Anniversary presents usually clean up your oblivion-derived mess. The prince charming has to change into the money access provider, cause she expects him to.

When walking column-wise in dire-straits of a crowdy street, remember to walk behind her. But you can develop a rock-hard abdomen instead of beer paunch, and sleeping on hard is hard, so to speak.

Now you have to pay back. Which is quite always. But only on cheeks. However, you have to sound convincing. However; true, very true: Thanks for the kind words. Fathered Polish national opera.

Ten things to remember when you have a Polish girlfriend

You never ever kiss another woman on the cheek. Also, my male friends always considered me as weird and non-femine. Well, I can tell somebody had a hard time here: Every woman is different. Just like every guy. And this whole story about how bad your silly polish, weird girlfriend is — was written by someone who is a jerk. If you dont like something about different culture than simply stay at home and breed with people with the same nationality. I was wondering, someone forced you to date polish girl???

Please make yourself a favour and forgot about being smart for some time. And really, it seems like you dont get what being with someone means. You might want to sit down, I have shocking news for you. No thanks at all for being such as prig about it. Your post cracked me up! Thanks very much for the nice words.

Tell your partner we have a support group for people with Polish girlfriends, sometimes we need all the help we can get. Bardzo dobrze opisane, sama siebie zrozumialam przez to! My Irish boyfrined will find that relieving: Just read all the other comments. And I really hope my reply is not associated with the likes of Monica ; its probably a typo or an autocorrect or just an honest mistake.

Nobody speaks any language perfectly. I bet i can come up with some questions about Polish language that Monica would not answer;. If being with Polish girlfriend is such a chore, just change her and stop whining: Are we talking about the same country? My two cents from a polish wife of italian guy perspective: Well, my name is Kasia ; but I also have the second one, Ewa and the third, Gabriela. If I want flowers I buy them myself.

Of course I am a princess! Just holding hands is perfectly fine. Otherwise after a while it starts to get uncomfortable 5. Oh yes, my husband is my favorite footstool.

Ten things to remember when you have a Polish girlfriend | POLANDiAN

My mom is the best mother-in-law ever! We usually order two different things, eat half of it and then switch plates. Your food is my food, AND vice versa. I love that post and I think that every foreigner dating a polish girl should read it just to know he is not alone struggling with the princess: I have one name only and you will be surprised!

My name is Sylwia: I truly agree only with point no 9.

What is the typical characteristic or stereotype of Polish women?

Yes, we are well educated. Well, i think that most of this is actually true, but some are very, very popular and normal in another countries too ; for ex. What you didnt mention and its quite important: Since you said we were smart, I will feel free to act like a Grammar Nazi from now on. I am more into sports than my husband and never expect him to carry my bags, God gave me two functional arms for a reason.

Every girl is a princess and deserves such treatment. What a twisted logic! Wherever we are, whatever we do, we know where we come from and who we are. Women are just that…a million shades of all colours of the rainbow. Nice piece of writing, kept one foot below perfection by having forgotten the immensely popular name Gosia alongside the mentioned Magda, Ola, Anna, Dorota, and Kasia.

Because of this one fourth of Polish women my estimate now hate you.