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MOT and Nova are not required to apply for a dating letter. MOT exemptions are only available to historic vehicles which have not been substantially modified.

To clarify substantial modifications, please see DVLA website. Many people are now still getting an MOT on their scooters for piece of mind, however if it fails it will be classed as unroadworthy and should not be used on the road.

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Please note if we cannot read your frame rubbing or make out the stamp on the photograph we cannot process your application and it will be returned to you. Finally do remember to include your address and Membership number. Address for all Registration applications is: Sending by Recorded or Registered post WILL delay your application as they will have to be collected from the local sorting office.

Please include your name and address including postcode and also telephone number or e-mail address in case of queries. Any queries regarding registrations can be sent to lcgbregistrations hotmail. Claiming back an Old Number plate via the V Scheme The biggest cause of delay with these applications is people not submitting the correct paperwork from the outset. In order to claim back an old number plate you must have one of the following: This must now show the chassis No and Registration No to be accepted.

LCGB - Register your Lambretta

Any Documentary Evidence that links the chassis No to the number plate. All evidence Must now show the chassis No and registration No that you are claiming and tax discs do not show this. Once you have your evidence then you will also require: A completed V form. If your bike is tatty and you intend to restore it then you can still apply via this scheme but our advice is to do it before you strip the bike. A frame rubbing or a photograph of the frame stamp. This is so we can a make sure the frame is genuine and the stamp has not been tampered with and b to make sure it ties in correctly with the evidence you are providing.

Please do not make cheques out to anyone else except the LCGB or your application will be returned.

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Once you have all this information send it to L. I know it has been suggested in other publications that you could scan the original documents but unfortunately DVLA will not accept this as scans can be doctored. This happened to my brother when he was trying to obtain an age-related plate for his Lambretta.

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It created a delay until he was able to have the NOVA application revised with the correct information. To obtain a dating certificate from the VMCC you will need to submit the engine and frame numbers, photos of the bike showing these numbers, along with other clear photos of the machine and any other data you may have like documents from the original country of origin.

If there is a specialist marque or model club dating scheme for your bike then use that club as they often have more detailed information regarding individual models than the VMCC. There is no club in the UK for the Gilera, so to obtain this data initially I contacted the Italian Gilera club with the details and photos. But the tank, handlebars, seat, tyres, cylinder, cylinder head and exhaust were not as the original specification.

I received a dating certificate from the VMCC indicating the machine was indeed from which at least agreed with the Italian club.

These forms are not available in the post office. So which boxes do you fill in? There are three pages but only P1 and P2 need to be filled. P3 is a copy. The main colour of the motorcycle, and there are standard colours red, black, green, blue, etc which you can find on the DVLA site Section Sections 48, 49, The next step is to sign and date the declaration and tick the boxes that apply for the documents you have included.

HMRC Issues Guidelines For Registering Restoration Projects Imported Prior to NOVA

Then go back to the checklist and make sure you have all the documents. I must have checked this five times before I sealed the envelope! I found the next part to be the most traumatic; actually posting all these original documents to the DVLA. Special Delivery will provide extra insurance. The DVLA do not always sign for their deliveries if they arrive on Friday or Saturday, for example so the best method is to use the tracking to see where your package is.

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Tracking your application once it has arrived with the DVLA is another matter entirely! But in my case, seven days later I received all my documentation back with a certificate enabling me to get a number plate, and a letter telling me that the V5C would take up to four weeks to come. The V5C actually arrived at the same time as the returned documents.